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SUBJECTIVE OBSESSIONS A mind that, when bringing offering (not satiric caricature, predominantly lineal and almost dematerialised, without the labyrinth micro-universes of the colours) works after complicated reasoning, without repressing the dreaming temptations, but being extremely attentive to possible errors. BOAs works can be considered windows to a troubling world, where the calculation excess hasnt damaged the fantasy swing, a world of swirling of shapes and colours, with inter-crossed starting points, or which try to envelop one another and to become concentric. They invite the eye to penetrate deeper, creating the impression that the author is a magician, an illusionist that watches from behind the painting and laughs at the viewers. (Tiberiu Cosovan - newspaper Monitorul de Suceava - 16.11.2005) OPENLY Ileana Barda, present for the first time at one of BOAs exhibitions, was surprised to discover a caricaturist of his size in Suceava, considering the caricaturists as the only ones that could write the true history. She noticed his good hand and has declared his works as the heavy artillery, a threat to the Americans The characters that populate the universe of his caricature are the most diverse: from the eternal and fascinating policeman, to the priest with many pockets to his coat. It is very interesting that the acid is not found in the text, but in the image. BOA is a moralist that pours the ethic into the aesthetic, using the caricature as a manner of expression, through which he tries to straighten up vices and mores. (Tiberiu Cosovan - newspaper Monitorul de Suceava - 31.03.2003) NIGHT IS NOT LIKE DAY CARICATURE EXHIBITION OF Ovidiu Ambrozie Borta The Equinox Galas have commenced yesterday with a satiric graphical exhibition Night is not like day belonging to Ovidiu Ambrozie Bortă - BOA. The varnishing day was organised at the Princely Inn, where the guests have been received by the group of Moldavian peasants, dressed in traditional clothes. In a picturesque setting, with medieval scent, the guests have been received with great honour and the name of each was announced called out, right from the gate. The politicians were also present, which were actually the targets of BOA caricatures over the years. The caricatures signed by BOA could be seen daily, in our newspaper; fresh and always on the right time, they accompany always the most important events of the day. (Adina Ţibu - newspaper Monitorul de Suceava 20.09.2002) CARICATURE, QUEEN AT THE VARNISHING DAY The most beautiful part of the varnishing day was, in our opinion, is the fact that the personal exhibition of Ovidiu Ambrozie Bortă BOA has generated a real debate on the art and meaning of caricature. Coming from a portrait background, another question is raised concerning the painter that Ovidiu Ambrozie Bortă may be wished to be. But the author knows himself the best, and the talent, seriousness and perseverance of BOA, also proved by this personal exhibition, is a guarantee that time will work in his favour, changing his name into fame. (Doina Cernica - newspaper Crai nou - 23.10.2001) THE POLITICAL NET AND THE BONED NET Ovidiu Ambrozie Bortă BOA, strong and ambitious caricaturist, has reached a new level of value in his caricature path. His rich fantasy, observed in his first personal exhibition, has simply unleashed the imagination of the viewer. Not in a long while, the intellectual Suceava will be swirled in every new exhibition of Ovidiu Ambrozie Bortă. (Valentin Chidoveţ - newspaper Actualitatea suceveană - 16.05.2000)
BOA with the journalist Coso Cosovan
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